Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 :D

Hello :D


Bye everything unhappy in 2011.
only STAY, SMILE, be HAPPY ;)

New Year = New Life Start
Gonna do some change in this new year^^

try to MakeUp
try to know more Friend
try to be Prettier
try to be Slimier
try to be Smarter
...try to Hit All My Targets!...

Congratulation! I'm senior now..hehe
I'm already 17. I can't believe that. Time pass quickly><
I can get a license and drive a car:D...end of the year-.-
Haih..my birthday :(

School starts, my busy school life coming soon :(
Hi, Sr1ScC^^
Place for making new friends again:P

People says Science class is hard to study.
I don't know, just try:)

I like Math and Science..except for Biology><
I hate History and Geography.
It seems to be the only choice:)

Many of us are separated by class,
but it can't break up our friendship forever^^

Happy 2012,

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