Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Jan^^

1st of January! ^^

Happy New Year~
and also
Japanese New Year~

Hey everyone, I aM soooO daMn hApPy nOw!!!!!!!!!!=D

Welcome 2012.
It's a great new start today!
I Love You Mom~ ♥

Eating Sun Moulin Bread..

Went to Pavilion with Aunties & Cousins...

Tokyo Street
I like it's tummy^^
Japan :)
Bro n Mom
Walk to the opposite...StarHill, nice!

Haiyo..boyboy still playing Angry Birds?!xD

Having Lunch at WongKok.
It's large! Isn't it?
Big family?xDD

Babies are tired :(
Sleep beside..hehe
You're cute dear~ 

When to The Curve in the evening.

Having Dinner at Paddington House of Pancake:P

Next Station..
Ikea & Ikano

Mom bought me dresses!!!!! =D
MNG!! Mango~

Love it sooooooooo0 much!
but the price is pretty also><

I Love You,

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