Friday, July 13, 2012

Science Fair @UTAR

This is our first class trip. I won't ever regret to enter Science stream. It's Fun and Interesting always, except for the "High Standard" examination:( We have 20 experiment in a year, subject which is Biology & Chemistry. Experiment makes me feel I'm like a professional in science..hahaha:D Back to the topic, our day trip to UTAR at Petaling Jaya. It's just near by my house. Opposite there about 100m I think, but I have to go to school, take bus there and back to school then home again. LolxX. We have fun in playing those experimental thingy. This is one of it that everyone make it. It's milk powder, COOL! :D

We're taking back all our exam paper, calculating the marks. Oh gosh~I think I'm going to fail my average marks! Please, I don't wanna to stay in Senior One again/.\

Oat bar =)
It's my exam period's best friend.
Like to eat it.
Not too much, but is enough when you're getting hungry~

Chinese :o

Copying those P.moral essay in previous nights
Accompanying with Chocolate!!
Pretty Nice♥

Bears are cute rightxD
I gave it to Niting:)
Finally!! I found Rilakkuma file selling at Petaling street:)
30hours Famine.
You guys join?
Seems fun,,LeeHom will be coming..woots!!
Donation please xPP

Random stuff....

I just like to take a camera and capture some things around me when I'm boring, so, hope you will like it =)

Ribbons!! ♥
Bought at Penang. They're selling in pairs. I shared with SheMei.
It's really cute.
Here are my Smurfy family xD
It's on my bed, sleeping with me everyday.
And the one with a bar chocolate behind is on my violin, called Twinky.
Smurf around me everyday, every moment...haha!

Here's a lil doggie that I just bought yesterday. A present for a friend:)
I need it >.<
I'm not buying it every month, coz it's too expensive =(
Can anyone sponsor me monthly? xD


Camera with Wi-Fi system!!!
Anyway, I like my pretty camera still :P
I saw a ring in Paradigm, but necklace.
Hope to find this somewhere else:\

I'm like a child, Right?

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