Friday, December 30, 2011

4 Dec...

I found it, Niting!^^

It's just right after the day u back from Taiwan.
I miss you so much! (happy?)xD

We went Pavilion to watch 那些年,我们一起追的女孩♥
(Just change my blog song, but 那些年 is still there. The 3rd one. Reserve for u girl:D)

That day, I went there at 9am.

We had our movie at 11am.

After the movie, we started walk for few hours.
Walked to Tokyo Street!

There's cheaper that other place!

We were having our Lunch+Dinner at WATAMI!yummy~ :P

till 8, we were tired.
Niting called his dad, we were ready to home.
But his dad non-stop capture photo for us><

Spent few hours and took hundreds pictures{but all is in niting's camara :( }

from day to night...
The time when I reached home is already 11pm.



Hey, niting.
Did I own u? or u own me?o.0
I cant rmb><

BigBig Sticky~

Our Photographer

Present?! :D

Pavilion's night view..nice?

haha..I'm taller than u! xP

8hrs 38mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@.@

Hey darl, having many many great time with you this year!
Especially this holiday:)
Feel happy together with you every momment.
You're the one who make me to be so silly and stupid xP

you, My Best Friend Forever^^


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