Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Adventure of TinTin...

The Adventure of TinTin...
The little cutie white doggie named Snowy, same as my dog!!! =D


Today went to MidValley watch this :)
Me, JoeDon, Henry and ChinKeat(I'm the only girl><)
After that, we went Karaoke..!
I'm just going there to eat Happy Hour buffet :P
Play whole day.. extremely TIRED :(

Tired better than stay at home doing nothing..
Hope that I can everyday go watch movie><
I want watch 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 & Twilight Break Dawn~
Bella and Edward are married! They born a baby!

This is taken from Taman Pertanian, in our room..
It's look so...twilight!!haha

I miss this too~FlyingFoxX...

from Little Taiwan..too sweet><
Chatime's better :P

owhH><..still pain now
I felt down from the bicycle..can anyone tell me how to heal? 
My leg><
The shoes's fault!!

Have a nice day,

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