Saturday, April 30, 2011

29th April 2010...

Today, many things happened.
Lovers quarrel...Couples break up...
RongFei, Valerie, NiTing, YenYang, FeiYang, Julia...
We sit together and gossip about it.
from 2nd recess till school is over.
coz in the last 3 period,
all the teachers was in a meeting=)

29th April was a great day, 
for the whole world...
A "bad" day for Jr3(B)(C)(D)!
HaizZ...u guys must "jiayou"!=)

*Luckily I'm single^^

This week we changed place again.
I don't even know who I want to sit with.
Just sit with YiHong...
That's so weird!
The whole class(accept for the couple),
are sitting with their friend.
e.g. Boys are sitting with boys,
Girls are sitting with girls...
Only we 2!!!...><
Who call me no people want?T.T
Sitting with yihong...for a year?!!
Can I change place?><
He said I'm too quite&too boring...

Today FeiYang came and sat with me.
because RongFei always bully him.
Poor FeiYang always gave RongFei beat!
so pain...><
Sitting with FeiYang is better than 
Rongfei...always sleep!!
Yihong...talking without stop!!
He damn cute=D

*Thanks fy for helping me finish my biology^^

We got 3 days holidays=)
Good! I'm so tired><
The weather is not good.
Many people get sick.
me too=(
Have a fever again><
Why am I so weak?
my constipation problem><
I do having a normal meal already, 
but the problem was still!

I haven't start to do my Sejarah project!
How to do?
Who can tell me?
How can I hand in Wednesday?!
I didn't do my Geography & also Computer too~

Watched the Royal wedding^^
Prince William & Catherine Middleton...
Their wedding was so magnificent!
The 21th century royal wedding!!
Kate is so pretty...her wedding dress is so nice~

So sweet 


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