Sunday, July 18, 2010

Byebye exam!!!...go for shopping today~TWILIGHT♥

Finish exam^^
It's time to play...
Today we went to Sunway.
There is XiangMin, JiaAn n her cousin, PekYin and me.
We went to watch TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE!!
I was so exciting...I like twilight so much~
After the movie, while we walk out of the cinema, we saw Jack.
Jack was very different now.
He looks more mature then last time i saw(just look like, but he's not).
The biggest change is his sound...
OMG!! I don't like that...=(
His sound was so cute last time...
After the movie, three of them are going back, left me and PekYin only~T.T
It was 1.30 pm, we(me & PekYin)went for shopping.
We brought a pairs of 'best friend' necklace
two pair of shoes... 
I like this shoes so much!!

This's mine, and
another one is with PekYin...
It will change colour anytime, by following your mood!cool!

We walked the whole Sunway...TIRED!!
Until 6 in the noon, we ate dinner in 'PanCakeHouse'.

dinner with LengLui...PekYin~

I was happy today~

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