Saturday, June 19, 2010

two week holidays, going to finish.

Two week holiday , NO!
That's one more day only...haizZ>.<
Two weeks holidays sounds like a long holiday, but that's as fast as two days!!!
I really don't feel that's long...
I 'd nothing, everyday PLAY & SLEEP only~

Superdupercharmlor  this time, I'm going to become a pig la...!!!
Between March and June, three month, I increase 6kg!!!!!!=(
This time must not eat too much lo...T.T
(Holiday too much nice food^^)

OMG...i get sunburn again, but now is better.
Because of Monday that day, my cousin came to my house for swimming.
We swam at 12 pm noon until 5pm evening...so tired~
All of us are RED & BLACK!!~*


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