Thursday, July 22, 2010


The 34th Bonodori(2010)♥
It was Saturday. Mom, Ichiro and I went to BONODORI...^^
The meaning of bonodori-----

-Invitation to Bon Dancing-

Bon Dancing is a folk art which has 500 years of history. 
Songs and dances distinctive to each locality has been highlighting the summer of Japan.
Let's approach the attractive and diverse world of Bon Dancing from various angles.

Blabla...I found it from web~^^
Bonodori for me is to eat!!=P
the different between Bonodori in Malaysia and Japan is...
Malaysia have a lot of Chinese and Malay.
The Chinese People is more than Japanese><
They're dancing...but i didn't, coz there're too many people~*

 I do wear my Kimono^^---

 It was fun, but too many people.


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