Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The last day...

T.T next year we can't be the same class again!! So sad...
But poeple say, "new day, new life", then i "new year, new start" lo~~(peace)

YeahH...i am happy, I think i would go Jr2C study next year(maybe).
anyway I don't care about it, the most important is...I ENJOY IT!!

HaizZ...I hope next year don't boarding school, cos i really don't like there.
Some more next year they open to boys leh~~!!

If i stay with good XUEJIE, still ok lah, but if is ...XUEJIE then i really want to go home la!!


(Left)Shan, ying, & rEikA

Four crazy guys sleeping on the dirty floor!!

eyll..so dirty, (like暖say 1) so SM~~{actually i'm not really know what's that mean}

Ooh...no...ugly duck n silly pig is fighting!!jkjk.haha~~

My dear Joe Wen!

Cutely Yingying eating lollipop+peace...

Qiqi what r u looking?? me ar?!

I will miss u all, wish all of u Good Luck!!
by rEikA.

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