Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friends~~@.@(2009)---Part 2

Beledees > A very pretty girl, because she has mixed by four country.
Sue-Ann > A pretty girl. I know her in BU1. She is mixed with Singapore. She love Roxy very much!!
Jillian > A sweet & cute girl that i know from sue-ann, cos they are neighbour.
Minxin > I know her at basketball court, when she is Jr1J that time. A tom girl~~
Nuan > A very pretty girl, if she don't talk.
Amily > A quiet girl, talking softly.
Yixin > She is a quiet and clever girl, since i know her...But now, she talk rudely ++ 留级.
Nicole > I'm no really like her, because is veryvery rude...
Jingwen > A funny and weird girl. She loves to collect pilot pen.

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