Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is Ichiro's birthday!! (He is my brother)

Strawberry cheese cake
with candles
I have ate this just now!!

ichiro & cak(i)e

Today is his birthday---ichiro. (21st November)
He is happy, because he has wait for long time.
He got a Nintendo DSi(the newest 1) to be his b'day present from daddy.

A camera beside there...& instant Internet.
WoO...I luv it~~

Soooo...nice, the blue 1!!
It cost RM875. I want it one also!!
But never mind, mom brought me 2 item in this afternoon too. I like that so much.

A hot pants, with "pop soda says live"
a jacket.
I love it so much. That's so nice!! just little bit expensive.
But happy is more important~~=D
Ichiro's birthday,
both of us are happy.
Your love,

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