Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's just a start...

owhH>< the books..OMG@.@

Me, myself, own carry all 25 heavy and thick books under hot sunny day took LRT go home :(
Sweating...the second day, my hand was so painT.T
Hate it!!

3 of the thick books are Chemistry!!
WHAT?! How am I going to study and carry them to school?!!

I can feel the stress now.
I miss my holiday:(

I can't imagine how my Senior life is.........this is just a starting:(

I can't sell all my Junior books.
carry here carry there, no people want :(
or I too ugly afraid them? (I know)..I think so. =C

Lastly, I gave it to them as free.
Sorry mom...

The 1st day of school..I was ill.

Running nose, the stupid disgusting thingie always come out ><
Sore throat, changed my voice. cough till pain. lost my voice. many sputum stuck inside!!
Fever, so cold. dizzy. uncomfortable.

I'm not attend school today:(
Visit to the doctor:(

too bad.......... T.T

Wish me Good Luck ;-)
My Senior 1's life,

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