Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3rd Jan..

3rd of January~ 

Dont know why, I like 2012 :D

This the third post for 2012.
School starts tomorrow.
I think I may not update my blog daily.

I'm very happy in this holiday!
Many surprise and present :P

Everyday shopping.
Everyday spending.
Everyday playing.

Everyday eat well.
Everyday sleep well.
Everyday pee wellxD
Everyday miss you~♥

Try to feel how's the adult life in this holiday.
Mom lets me to go anywhere whenever I want:)
Other than outgoing, I really don't know what to do.
Here are my Holiday Shoppingssss..crazy-.-

HomeSweetHome/aunt's house: 22-Nov, 1-Dec, 9-Dec, 10-Dec, 27-Dec29-Dec, 3-Jan
Tropicana City Mall : 13-Nov, 2-Dec, 
Taman Pertanian : 16-Nov, 17-Nov, 18-Nov, 6-Dec
Tuition : 19-Nov, 26-Nov
JayaOne : 21-Nov, 25-Nov, 29-Nov, 3-Dec, 8-Dec, 13-Dec, 21-Dec, 2-Jan
SS2 Mall : 20-Nov, 27-Nov, 2-Dec
1Utama : 28-Nov, 7-Dec, 17-Dec20-Dec, 26-Dec, 30-Dec
Midvalley/The Garden : 23-Nov, 16-Dec, 22-Dec
Pavilion : 30-Nov, 4-Dec, 14-Dec, 1-Jan
StarHill :  4-Dec, 14-Dec, 1-Jan
Time Square : 30-Nov, 14-Dec28-Dec
Fahrenheit 88 : 30-Nov, 4-Dec, 14-Dec
Lot 10 : 30-Nov, 4-Dec, 14-Dec
Sungei Wang : 14-Dec
Working : 5-Dec
Sunway Pyramid : 11-Dec, 15-Dec, 24-Dec, 25-Dec
The Curve/Ikano : 12-Dec, 31-Dec, 1-Jan
Digital Mall : 24-Nov, 18-Dec, 26-Dec
Selayang Mall : 19-Dec, 23-Dec

(Just estimate the date, I don't really remember that><)
From the list, I only stay at home for 7days=.=
Others, I'm spending money..
No wonder my purse so thin and I'm so fat nwT^T
Everyday Hi-Tea..no wonder =(

My stuffy...♥

That day after taking Pmr & Juec result, Me and Jessie went to MidValley :D
I bought some make up. Gonna do something in 17! ;-)

Bye bye 2011 and holidays~

Sr1ScC~I'm coming!!!!!^^
Hope to c you tomorrow! :D


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