Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!^^

The most Wonderful Christmas that I have^^
The Craziest Christmas! :D

I made this as my own Christmas Present..nice?:D
Although it's not very pretty, but I still like it:P
I spent few hours to made this><

I had went to many place for looking their decoration before Christmas:)
The Curve
Sunway Pyramid
The Garden
blablabla..etc.(I can't rmb><)

The one that I like the most is...Pavilion!!!!^^
Especially the big giant STICKY!! x)
(I was wondering who will give me this..hehe)

I had been there for 5times!!hehe:)

Sorry for the picture><
I copied this from Google. 
Bigbig Sticky!

This is what I took in The curve.
Just a few:)
Sorry..I cant rotate some of the picture><

Having lunch @the garden(haha..it's my 1st time)


Sunway Pyramid! :DDD
I spend my time there during X'mas^^

Christmas Eve,
Having eve dinner @Sunway's Sakae Sushi.
Walking around and wait until 12am!
We bought some foaming snow the spray each other!xD
That's poisonous-.- It makes me hard to breath!

Adults are "Hi-Tea" at Starbucks while we're play at the main entrance!
Everyone was crazy! They just spray whenever they saw a people!>< 

Countdown over, we went to YamCha at mamak..being feipo :(
On the way to the car..we saw A branded nice cool car:DD

That day, I slept at 4something-.-

Merry Christmas,
with Niting agn:D...Sorry PekYin><
We are about 18people(i think).
Went Redbox SingK..the price was double OMG! I didnt sing at all!! just having the meal.
Went skate..i'm wearing shorts!><
Went T-bowl...toilet!!! I'm eating shitxD

I know a lot of friends that day:D
I met my primary friend too(haha..thank lo nitingxP)

The time went I reach home is 12am already.
I'm freaking tired!!!!!
The night before I just slept at 4am and I woke up at 8am in the morning-.-
plus Skate with them for 5hrs!
I'm a long lasting battery=.=hah!xD

Party room!!!

The X'mas party packet~



P/S: Sorry about the picture everyone. I don't know what is the problem>< Feel very sorry about that :(

Merry Christmas^^

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