Monday, November 21, 2011

This may be the longest postxD

Haha..my blog can thorw adyxD
sorry Karen and also other readers..here I post now :)

My latest post is in August.
The month that i'm having my PMR trial exam.
This's why I stop posting..STUDY!!!!!!>< 
20th sept~24th sept, JUEC trail
4th oct~11th oct, PMR!!!
24th oct~28th oct, JUEC!!!
Finally everything is over..now.it's time for play!!! :D

The day that I'm having my JUEC exam..is my B'dayT^Tso sad :(
24th Oct...Chinese & Science (the two hardest subject!!)
I though I can celebrate with friend in school (like others who did it)><
or any surprising party...
Luckily, everyone remember my B'day!!!!!!!
Thanks for all of your wish^^
Mom also bring me to FullHouse, SS2 mall celebrate :DD
The cake..funny, expensive, pieces, bt delicious
ordered Rib eye Steak..my favorite <3  

11st Nov~13rd Nov..Sepang Gold Coast!
Planned immediately..quite nice(damn boring><), the view& the sea <3
foods are delicious and cheap there..
You can choose any seafood u want and the way to cook it~
We pass by a dragonfruit's farm..dragon friut jam XOXO
bought some "pao" go back..TEATIME!so many ppl there...

It's that looks like RongFei?!xD

Hey little monkey, you're sooooo skinny!

Niting's primary school..Charity

My tingting soo cute~xD

Niting n her mom r inside!!!!!

SJK (C) Taman Connaught

Steamboat Party!!! with Rasbin Robin's cake!;P

sorry..i can't rotate><

JUEC trail...haha
Went to Valerie's house, stay over night!
Actually we didn't study much><

sexy little doggiexDD

Cutie Smurf..haha

Katayama's Birthday!!
Went to DucKing celebrate..yummy~
Just took 2picture><

It's enough for today..
lazy to continue type><
My internet is slow, upload picture spend my time :(

Happy Holiday!! :)

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