Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy chinese new year~!

Happy new year~
We have a week holidays...Hurray!!
But, nothing to do...

I luv u so much!!
a wonderful class~
It makes me happy everyday...
My choir!!
This year we have a lot of new student.
many many...
It might be a very busy year><

Today, we sing to Form 1&2.
wo0...many people!!
But, I don't scare...haha...because I don't know them=.=

Before the performance, I saw KaiYu(Papaya man).
He looks so different!!!...new hair style~
so yeng!! haha~

luv my R~*
Haha...Chris low(fa hao) joined Choir!!!
OMG!! unbelievable...><
me, pek yin & fa hao

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