Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 first post...

It's going to February~*
4 month didn't update...lazy><

New year=New class
Happy 2011 and JR3C...
Just installed new antivirus, Kaspersky!!
quite nice to use^^

Just know some new friends~

I've been very busy recently...form 3 so many homework!!!
No time rest!!!><
Mom always ask why I am so busy...she thought i found a boyfriend!!==
LolxX...why don't you believe meT.T

Recently, I enjoy listening to music...
Taylor Swift---Speak now!!
especially, back to december~*
wanna buy ><

Just listened  "you and me" by Olivia Ong.
very nice...i like it=)

Had a sick now...cough due to common cold><
After that, fever==
Many people also...because of the weather!!
better rest more and drink more water...haizZ~

2011, love u^^

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