Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holidays is coming~~

So sad + So happy, cos holidays is coming.

I'm sad, because i can't see my friend. Angel, Verina and Michelle, they're back to indonesia...I will miss all!! MuacksS~~
(left)michelle, angel, verina.
We are no going to study in the same class forevereverever, Because they're too smart!!
I'm happy, cos I'm going to Japan in this end year holidays with my family...Woo, hurray~~~
We planning to go back hometown first. After that, we will go Tokyo by train/plane. Then, we will go disneyland, zoo...etc.
HaizZ...I don't know how to say. I'm not really like this feel, a little exciting, bitter, happy, sad...
Whatever, i'm happy always...haha!!
Good Luck, by rEikA.

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