Saturday, November 14, 2009


Xingping > A Libra girl, fair, pretty, romance, clever, cute...a wonderful girl that ever I see.
Xinley > The only person that I can tell her everythings.
Jovee > A girl that love "The Nightmare" very much.
Kyee Yuen > Actually i'm not really know about her, we know each other in web. I know her since I am seated beside Jack. That time she always come and find him. But, the one things i know is...she is pretty~~
Sze Hui > A girl who always think something in bad way. She is going to change school(to Penang) next year...T.T. I will miss u, hope u have a happy new life.
Yingying > Fair+thin...with long hair, talking soft-ly...She is nice!!
HuiShan > Silly girl, she is cute. She loves 荷妈 very much, so everyone call her 河马, because both of their sound are almost the same. We sit together in the class, and we always hug together when we are sad, happy, boring...whatever. People(the boys) always say us crazy~~(I think so!!)
Christin > The one things that she know is ... eat!!
Angel > She is from another country, both of us love basketball.
Verina > She is not malaysian too. She is cute, funny, and smart(She get 1st in our class). She know every things, like baskatball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, piano, etc... So, we play piano together every wednesday in hostel~~so fun!!@.@
more and more and more...this is just part 1, cos i lazy to type and think. So if someone want me to write something about him/her just tell me using cbox chating.

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