Thursday, May 24, 2012

I need air to breath..

Hi again:)
Here is a lazy blogger that always leave her blog alone.
She only will find It when she NEED...so bad nia =(

It's 4++ midnight now.
(What am I doing?!!)
The world is sleeping,
and I'm here alone...
You're really crazy!=.=

something happen again.........................

How "wonderful" my life is-.-

Haih...seriously, I'm tired enough.
Why?T^T  It's not my year...

Everything!! All the bad things happen on me this year :\

Haih..just look at What I Have Now better..if not something stupid gonna happen again!!

I just don't understand WHY!
What's your problem now? Huh?!
Is it fun by tricking me?

YOU had a girlfriend.....YOU told me that u have break up with her...
But why are YOU still sending LOVE message with her?

So, what's the truth?

Sorry..I believe my eyes, things what I see.

YOU say u are buzy, I don't dare disturb u.
YOU say u  are having exam, I force myself not to text u.
YOU say u have no more credit, I reload for u.
YOU say u want photo, I give u.
YOU say u need me, I stay with u.
YOU say u want Love, I love u.
YOU say u want me, I give you My Heart!

as my REWARD........

YOU are still in a relationship.
YOU are not free but u can have so many Posting. Status. Share.
YOU had break up with her but still having a Sweet Chat.
YOU can't go out but u are the host of the outgoing event.
YOU have no credit because u have to save it for SMS her.
YOU are so cool to me because she wants back u so u abandon me.
YOU are so busy everyday just to ignore my message.

YOU changed.....Love message -> Short message -> a Word -> no Reply-> Switch off

I know I'm annoying..
Don't need to try to find any reason for me anymore..

Actually I know everything.
I'm just trying to trust YOU!

I'm like a stupid to believe in everything that u told me!
I'm still trying to save our Love from being Break!
But what I get....the illness of my body and inattentive YOU :'(

Seriously, I can't breath just now!
Just after seeing your profile.
Give up. Despair.

Hide to much sadness and tears..

Tired of being sad...

Feel dizzy@.@

I still didn't sleep for whole night =\

Let's SEE how silly I am.
This was the post of 4th May.
It's done..just didn't post it.
You know Why? Because he don't want to let anyone know that we are having a relationship!
LOL? I still don't understand Why am I so DUMB-.-

Hey, who's fault now?
Why am I the one who apologize always?
Why you can always get my forgiveness easily?

Why. Why. W.H.Y?!!!!!!!!!

The 4th May posting...

You Got Me~My boy..You're mine!!! :DI Love You 

There many things happened recently...

The biggest one...BERSIH!
Omg. Teacher you're so MAN! =D
Proud to be your student!!!
Your are my Idol!! and also my uncle's..hahaxD

It's a right choice to leave KuenCheng, I think :)
Go further and save Malaysian!~
You're brave>.<

You will make us a great future. Malaysia's Future!
WE all support you!


3rd May,
World Press Freedom Day! :D

This is what our school teacher did! wow~


The hottest teacherxD


and all other Teacher!!! 503~

Our school need Bersih too..
She damaged our school's reputation!


Our school, The Best one!
Cheapest in KL.Strtegic location. Good facilities. Nice building. and  Ardent Teachers!!
but The Pretty Mc'Donald, the leader of the school=.=

There're many people transferred school :'(
She just leave..Hueyiiii T^T
I hope to go with you also.
I don't think Sri Garden want me =(

Dear, I will miss you :')

So good~
I wonder if one day I don't need to tide bun to go school!><

Beledees going with her too?
I guess so.

Our class less people..less and less..then no more people in Sr1ScC..

Mummy I wanna transfer too~WHY you don't let me go???????!!!! T^T
I'm sure I can study there as well. 
I'll be more hard-working to catch up them. 
WHY don't you let me go?!!

Anyway, I decided not to transfer school :)
Stay and accompany you lo~ChongNiTing! Happy><

ChongHwa is so Big!
I hope to be their students too:(
They have 7classes for Science stream!
We only have 4-.-

Deardear, You're so FAR!!~ ='((  
It's a BIG challenge!!!
but I Love You~

You Got mE! Aww~>.<

1st of May,
You're mine! my Boy~

You entered my life>.<
Don't ever trying to LEAVE ME!!! =P
Gosh~I Love You so much! =D 

I know you're very busy><
Good Luck for your exam!
The best wish for you~

I remember what I own you..xP
Will return it after your exam kay?
I promised♥


LOL...                   or I shouldn't post it actually.

Can you wake up?!!
Stop thinking about him anymore la.
U think it's worth? No.

Just break it.
Don't always forgive him.
Why he can have so much chance?

u deserve a better one ;)
Don't think too much le~
DON'T reply his message la... >.<

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