Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunway Lagoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hurray for Holidays!
I'm lazy to school =P

Celebrate birthday for my dear friend, Janice!^^
Happy Sweet 16th's yea~

Happy Birthday!~
I bought this!! :D

After that, having lunch and go tuition with Janice and Carmen=)

until 6pm. I sit in Chatime and have my "Hi-Tea" alone:( while waiting someone to fetch me.

Then, after take a bath.
Aunt bring me to 1utama!!
We watch "Underworld Awakening" :P
amazing graphic!

**Sorry ya. I can't accompany you:( have fun with them in TimeSquare:)

Morning, Church!
Janice's church!!
They're cute^^
Have fun while take care them~
Your friend are very friendly too!!
Going again next week? xD

Noon, Gold Coast!
My 3rd aunty's house.
Go to her restaurant and eateateat~
mmmmm..YUMMY!! =D (thumb up!)
Woots! 3-layer-tea..

walking on the sandy beach.
listening to the water splashy sound.
Feel comfortable..WIND!

Sunway Lagoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have yearSSSSSS no go ady><

Me, KaiXian, YongXin, SongWei, KaiXin, LingYi, PeiNee♥
full of Tiring but Exciting&Fun!!!!!!!! wee~~

Hehe..KaiXian, your "skill" better jor~xDD
At least I wont feel like I'm going to dropxP

Sad nia..YongXin no take picture with us =(
WHY you want to go tuition??!!!! haih><

Have our dinner at Ichiban Ramen.
Curry so HOT!!! ><"

me and SongWei,
the last 2people who went back..
We pick up the phone call together.
His dad and My mom xD
They're arrive!!
We walk to the main entrance, and His Dad's car is right after my Mom's!! hah!!xD

We're all tired till cant walk anymore.
but after mom pick me up, she bring me to ss2 mall shopping=.=

My bodyT_T
I'm laying on the bed, and I couldn't move, is no energy to move><

**Sorry ya. can't join u all to Tmn Pertanian. I know you're going back to hostel. Mayb next time? SORRY~

Dont feel like going any where anymore.
I'm tired.
Sorry ya. no Bukit Jalil today. Lazy><

I sleep for whole day:P
Hehe..PIG! x)


One week NO FACEBOOK!! :(
and I'm alive =P
My phone bill..T^T

Haih..argue with Mom yesterday.
She said only RM30 per month for my reload><

Time pass quickly...

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