Friday, January 20, 2012

20th Jan..


After school....1pm :)
Walking out from the school with Janice, HuiWen, ZhiYuan.

Chit-Chat in class with Janice, HuiWen, ZhiYuan today:)
again next time~xPPP

Me and HuiWen decided to go SungeiWang. 
to have lunch..shopping.blabla~

When waiting at monorail station, I saw YongXin^^
They are going to Pavilion. 
Watch Movie!!!!
HuiWen, KaiXin, YongXin, KaiXian, GuoLi, LiAn, SongWei, LingYi =D

All's well, Ends well!!

Haha..so Funny!!!!xDDDDDDDDDDD

Having lunch in WongKok.
"YinYong"(MilkTea) nice:)
but I cant finish it, large><

After movie, Hi-Tea!!
I order "SiMut"(MilkTea) at OldTown.

Milk and Coffee agn-.-
No need to sleep tonight!><

Haha..my primary friend, my old classmate(i think)
Hey ~ ~ =))
Thx for teman me sit LRT..feel scary when alone, especially at night~!

Don't know why go Pavilion.
Don't know why watch movie
Don't know why go shopping
Don't know why meet u all
Don't know why saw u

Didn't bring clothes to change.
HuiWen help me find a shirt in Nichii^^
Nice? :D

Having a lot of FUN guys!
Titanic next time? =) hehe...

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