Sunday, January 15, 2012

14th Jan.

14th Jan♥
Is this real?
hehe..I dont know :P

When MidValley wif Valerie, JiaYin, JoeDon, JianXiang, Henry, Wenhao and his friends.
They say go study-.-
I dont think so.
We had our lunch at Madam Kwan
(Mdm.Kwan: I'm eating u~xDD)

Nasi Lemak~
Spicy nia!!
I just follow what they call..
I didn't finish it.. wasting><

Then we went to Coffee Bean to start our "revision"
I just finish half math question only..haha

After that, Valerie n Jiayin went back.
Me, Joe, Henry, WenHao watched "The Great Magician"
Haha..damn funny!=D

Listen to mom's lecture after that.
from the phone..till in car..to home...T.T

I sure will remember to bring my phone next time kay? :(

Sr1 ScienceC..haih
veryveryvery stress sia~

wanna study but don't know where to start.

Feel like wanna sleep in every period.

feel boring~~~~

Maybe I'm not the type of study people.

My work...worse:(

Someone made me Mad last night.
I off my phone and get into bed.
I dont want think anymore...

Dont feel like wanna reply your message or talking to u...

I saw someone again..hehe

You're so handsome^^


Doesn't he looks like you dear?xD

I wanna see your new hair.......cut botak?xDDDDDDDD

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