Saturday, August 20, 2011

PMR Trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday was Sejarah and BM's exam.
my SejarahT^T
This was the 1st time I study so hard in my Sejarah. By the time I got into the Examination room, I was so damn nervous!!As I took the test paper, the same problem I have..I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO!!><

and then the following week there's another 5subjects...
HaizZ...if any of the subject that's in Malay, I sure get C
(especially BM...so hard!)

after PMR trail...
the following is JUEC trail
(Wanna find someone to help me~!)
then after a week of JUEC trial, is PMR!!!!
full of exam within this 3month...

This is just a starting.
Feel like want to give up~

now...Hardworking for my rewards!!

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