Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Blog Design~!

Just design my blog...nice?
I like the picture...^^
I think it is not so suitable for my old stuff, because it's too childish!
It looks weird...can anyone help me?

First, Happy Chinese New Year too all my friends.
Since CNY holidays starts, I sit in front of my laptop over 12hrs everyday!!!
haha...sitting without moving...and I gain 2kg!><

What a cool Rabbit year...rabbit is cute^^
HaizZ...but, this year I have to take PMR & JUEC...
I'm not ready yet T.T

Today is Wednesday, but I don't even starts to do my homework!
Now, I'm really hate to go school~!><

Anyway, CNY is coming...is a great fun time!
Tonight we're going to have a steamboat party!!!!!!


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