Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sports Day~~[090410]

Sport day = Play day~~!!
I arrived at Bukit Jalil in 6am.
There is so dark!!
Just a few people there...
hehe^^this time, the first time...
i bring my camera n my phone!!
We exchanged our phone number and took many photo there=P
7.30am --- Starting!!
We, the choir team
sang 'Negaraku' and school's song...blabla~~
Then, the principal spoke longlong speech....
After that we sing Sport's song!!
So fun~~
(but still scarescare la...cos everyone look at us)
YEAH!! sing finish already~(:
We(me n PekYin) run back to our class,
to find our friends...
sit there do ntg(me, pekyin, tsinhui)...
walk here walk there...
8here8there(like 3aun6ty)...
sienzZ~~then eat lo>.<
T.Tcharm lor...
now so dark liao, fat liao n also ugly...
no poeple want me!~~
We saw wanxin they all playing 'True or False',
a boy say 'false',
then they want the boy to propose to me...
But still boring...then take picture lo
capture few photo...
uploaded in facebook...
welcome to see ya^^
dont forget comment too~~
Lastly, 2pm in the afternoon...
mom here...then go back home lo~~
GoodBye SportDay in 2010~~
At home, after bath...
facebook again~~
HaizZ...still boring!!
Dinner Time!!
eat again=P
Today mummy make gyoza, cawamushi and tempura!!
Wo0...i like it!!

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