Sunday, December 6, 2009

WIRED!! 0。0'''

Have u even see this before??
It's something wrong rite!!
I saw that in web today>.<

Wired sotong...

A crazy lady & her bulubulu eye!! yakeE~~

That's soooooo SM~~@.@

But, nevermind...

I saw a nice guitar with white fur above*


This funny fishy slipper.Can u guess what it is?!

That's lollipops!!

Ya, that's two penguin lollipop there!!
There are more penguins below~~

wetwet baby~~

The Fat 1
The thin 1
"I wanna to swim, WoohH..." penguin says
Happy Family!
What they are doing??
"WooO...what's that??"every penguin says

Post by little penguins,

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