Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rush...Rush!! Rushing whole day~~*

HaizZ...I had rush for a whole day!!

8:30am >> just woke up
9:00am >> rush to hospital for injection(Influza A+B, because we are going to Japan.)
10:00am >> go to KLCC(because there is offer now!!)
12:30pm >> go some where(i don't know where is there) to take our lunch.
1:10pm >> JUSCO!!
3:30pm >> go home & bath
4:45pm >> piano lesson
6:00pm >> finish piano lesson, prepare dinner
7:30pm >> clay class

until now only free!!
I'm so tired...++tonight i want to see ghost movie, WoO...~~


Today i brought a lot of staff, so happy~~
We all(whole family, 4person) spent RM2800+++
RM2800++ include staff, injection and meal.
Stuff = RM 1000++
Meal = RM 300
Injection = RM 500


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